Thursday, March 29, 2012

My First MeetUp

I'll try to keep this from becoming a shaggy dog story but it does run off in all directions. I recently had coffee with Kaltura's Director of Sales, Scott Bishop, a video veteran who's right up to date with online video today. During our chat he asked if I had run across a site called When I returned to the office I headed straight there and I'm still absorbing the implications. Wherever you live in North America there's likely a local site so check them out.
My first meetup was of a group called Hackernest. About 150 of the more than 800 registered members jammed into a second floor office space at 8 pm on a Monday night. Amazon was there with a ton of free beer and jobs to fill. The conversation was at roaring level and I was a happy guy, surrounded by so many people who spoke a similar language - and I don't mean English. Anyone whose passion is a bit specialized knows the feeling of wishing for someone to talk to. Not a problem in that room. So, for those who attended, for those who couldn't and for the curious, here's a minute of the scene, shot with a Blackberry Playbook at 720p and exported at 480p, to fit the blog page.