Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The power of interaction in online video

I have been talking about and demonstrating the addition of a layer of interactivity to online video and today I present a new example. Our documentary treatment of settlement on the Toronto Islands is supported by a website that now has an interactive video trailer on the home page. Across the top is a video browser bar which allows visitors to choose content outside the video. Making such a choice pauses the playback and opens a new tab. When you return to the site and close the info panel, the video continues. Here is the demo, in its beta state. I will continue to evolve the function but I hope you will realize that this is a sea change in the potential for visitor engagement. You may choose to view it in its native (larger) screen size here.
<h1>The Toronto Islands - then & now</h1><p>toronto island,Ned Hanlan,William Ward,York,Toronto harbour,Toronto Bay,Centre Island,Ward&apos;s Island,Hanlan&apos;s Point,Gibraltar Point Lighthouse,Rectory Cafe, Centreville,Toronto History for Te</p><a href="www.veeple.com" alt="Veeple Interactive Video">Veeple Interactive Video</a>

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