Friday, October 26, 2007

When One Door Closes....

It's the old good news/bad news line. The day before we were set to shoot the first "SiteGreeter" using a pet, the client called to say they just weren't sure that adding interactivity to an "old" web site was the way to go. Instead they asked us to redesign their site from the ground up, move it to another hosting company and then add interactive video elements appropriately. Why we got this assignment might be instructive. We were the first suppliers of web-related services to discuss with them the importance of web metrics to understanding where you are and what you need to do next. We showed them in data they already had how their visitors were increasingly spending less time on site, how visits were declining steadily, what visitors cared about and what they almost never looked at.

Meanwhile we've been introducing our "SiteGreeter" to retailers in Southern Ontario. We'll shoot our first series for a well-known Toronto fashion retailer in late November and the first floating video overlays from the session will be on line before December 1st. We have some retail industry trade press coverage coming in January and expect a level of response that will keep us very busy for months to come. It is surprising how much detail there is in preparing for that wave of interest, but it is just that first wave that we have worked so hard to both develop and justify. We are in a sector so new to the Internet that no one has any "old timers" on staff. We're a bit like supply teachers staying a lesson ahead of the class. No one looking for a comfort zone need apply. It's all new all the time and it doesn't get any more exciting than that.

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